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Lori brings a wealth of different experience to the Sutton clinic and I am delighted introduce her. Prior to studying Raynor Massage Lori was already an experienced massage therapist with an ITEC qualification in Anatomy, Physiology & Body Massage as well as gaining modules in Indian Head Massage & Light Touch Therapy. In addition, Lori has both training and experience with  Pregnancy Massage and along with Ed Taoka offers massage for women throughout their pregnancy here in Sutton. I first met Lori when she enrolled on my Raynor Massage course in March, 2015 and I was impressed with how open Lori was to learning new techniques. I have no doubt that the combination of her skills makes for a fantastic treatment! Oh and don’t be fooled by her kind and caring nature. Lori can really work deeply when required and gives a wonderfully powerful, deep tissue massage.

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£60 Per One Hour Session

Here is Lori to tell you more…

Hi I’m Lori McPherson, I grew up near Reading and now live in Walton-on-Thames, having made a few stops in and around London on the way! Having been struck down by glandular fever in my second year at university, my Mum and I looked at all sorts of different therapies to help me get back on my feet. There began my interest in the fascinating world of healing!

After my degree and a year of travelling, I trained in various forms of massage, however, at the time I felt that I was too young to be a therapist. Instead, I moved up to London and got a “proper” job working in the corporate world of I.T. My passion has always been about working with people so despite this looking from the outside like a hugely different career choice, I was able to use my skills to build and manage teams of technical and non-technical people. Something I am very proud of and thoroughly enjoyed doing!

I finally took the decision to leave my job in the city and set up my own therapy business. Yes it was quite scary, but I love what I do now and I can honestly say I haven’t looked back! This is when I first discovered Raynor Massage and Mr Dave Taylor! After a short conversation with Dave, I signed up to his diploma course straight away, what a fantastic training course it was! The Raynor techniques appeal to me on many different levels, bridging across eastern and western modalities and having such a simple remit of initially finding and then removing tension in people’s systems. It is the most powerful form of massage I have come across and really brings everything I have learnt to date into a cohesive bundle. This year, in August, 2017 I trained further with Brandon Raynor himself as I too the Advanced Course. I feel very privileged to have found Raynor Massage and to be working at the  clinic in Sutton  with Dave now.

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