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Deep Tissue Therapeutic Massage

Suitable for anyone regardless of age and fitness level

Steps we’re taking to keep you safe:

Your Massage Therapist is trained in COVID-19 safety and have studied transmission, prevention and the best hygiene practices.

We have always taken hygiene in our clinic extremely seriously, meaning we haven’t needed to change much to deal with Covid-19. Extra measures include increased surface cleansing between clients including the wiping of door handles, chairs, massage table and clothes basket.

We have always provided fresh towels and blankets for each client and will continue to do so. We are now putting the laundry into a sealed bag between clients.

Our Massage Therapists won’t work if they or anyone in their household needs to self-isolate and we are asking the same of you when booking.

All of our therapists are fully vaccinated. There is currently a requirement for clients to wear a face covering when entering the premises. This can be removed, if needed, during the treatment.

You can see our full Risk Assessment here

Deep Tissue therapeutic Massage in Sutton & Hastings

Suitable for anyone regardless of age and fitness level

Works on a more effective, deeper level than regular sports massage

Massage For Back Pain Proven To Help!

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Deep Tissue Therapeutic Massage in Sutton & Hastings

Have you been looking for an effective deep tissue massage but never found one that hits all the right spots?

Raynor Massage is an astounding therapy with one single goal, which is simply to find and remove tension from the body. This is not some kind of ‘fluffy’ massage but works with precision and the appropriate depth to get astounding results.

With massage clinics in both Sutton, Surrey and Hastings, East Sussex this stress-busting massage treatment has helped thousands of clients with conditions such as sore neck, back pain, sciatica and trapped nerves.

Raynor Massage Is Influenced By Eastern Beliefs In Healing and Works Within The Body’s Internal Energy Paths.

Removing stubborn blockages can leave clients feeling relaxed yet bursting with energy. Why not arrange a consultation
now in our Sutton or Hastings clinic and start the journey to feeling fantastic!



Deep Tissue therapeutic massage

sutton and hastings

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Suitable For Any Age & Fitness Level

Raynor Massage benefits anyone regardless of age and fitness level and is very effective in removing the normal aches and pains that have such an impact on our daily lives. Back, neck and shoulder pain, in particular, responds well to deep tissue massage. Raynor Massage not only relieves the pain of a sore back but will also seek out and remove the tension that is causing the problem in the first place.

This massage therapy is certainly not just for people that are used to intense sports massage, but will help anyone with normal everyday aches and pains.

Massage For Insomnia

If you have trouble sleeping and suffer from insomnia, this therapeutic massage works wonders by eliminating stored muscular tension, allowing the mind to relax enough for you to get a deep, enriching night’s sleep.

It is common to awake the morning after a treatment with a clear head, refreshed and ready for a new day.

Massage For Back Pain – Proven To Help!

A study published in July 2011 has finally proven the real benefits of massage for people suffering from back pain. In particular it has shown that people with lower back pain who receive massage treatment recover quicker than people who are just being treated conventionally.

Our Raynor Massage therapists have seen tremendous success treating back pain sufferers with Raynor
Massage in Sutton and Hastings. You can read more about this study in this news entry here.

Massage For Stress & Emotional Tension

It is not just muscle tension that causes us problems but stored emotional energy can also have a negative impact on our lives. The therapeutic massage that we perform works to release this deeply held energy which, in turn will make you feel lighter and unburdened and ready for new challenges.

Getting rid of these negative energies using massage has been found to be helpful for people who suffer from stress and depression. The profound benefits to your mental, physical and emotional well-being will be long-lasting and often life changing.

Massage For Runners

We have recently worked with several runners in in training for the Virgin London Marathon. Runners and in particular, marathon runners in training, whether they are first timers or seasoned marathoners find that deep tissue massage is a great addition to their training programme. Pre marathon massage is used as a supplement to a runners warm-up to enhance circulation and reduce excess muscle and mental tension prior to running the marathon. Massage for runners also improves tissue pliability, readying the runner for top performance. Most runners in training for the marathon suffer from DOMS (Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness) and regular massage for runners has proved to reduce the painful effects of DOMS by at least 30%.
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Deep Tissue therapeutic massage

sutton and hastings

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