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Raynor Massage is a pretty awesome treatment designed by Brandon Raynor. Covering the muscle, skeletal system as well as the more subtle energy systems which western medicine often fails to recognise.

No Raynor massage is ever identical, it’s certainly not routine. Really there is only one aim with Raynor Massage and it is to simply find tension and get rid of it. From the beginning of the Raynor Massage treatment through to the end all I am thinking is where is this person holding their tension and what moves or stretches can I do to eliminate it. Tension is a word that gets uses a lot and I think its important to give it some definition with regards to Raynor Massage. Any muscle in the body, regardless of whether it has been built up in the gym or not, should be fairly soft and pain when pressed. By the very nature of lying on the massage table we are not using any of our muscles, so in this situation, if we find areas that are hard, tight and sore when pressed then this is residual tension. It’s a real awaking to realise that we are not designed to carry this tension and feel this pain and that it can be removed.

Raynor Massage Is Influenced By Eastern Beliefs In Healing and Works Within The Body’s Internal Energy Paths.

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Looking at the body holistically as a complete entity

As a Raynor Massage therapist we are taught to treat the body as one holistic organism. Simply dealing with one particular area is not as effective as treating the whole body.

We recognise that often the area that hurts the most is not the area the needs the most treatment. Very often I find that working above and below the problem area and tracing it back to it’s route is the key to getting rid of pain and of course tension. This is one issue I have with Sports Massage. Very often a Sports Massage Therapist will simply work on the area that the client says is hurting and will not look further to find the route of the issue.

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Emotional tension, chi & how it affects the body.

We believe that the source of residual tension can also be directly related to emotions. If we are feeling anxious or stressed for example, it is a normal reaction for the body to tense. When that moment of stress or anxiety has passed, we don’t always 100% relax & the body remains tense. In this state of tightness a normal movement like simply turning your head can then pull on a muscle causing us pain. This pain then stops us getting a great nights sleep leaving us feeling even more grouchy and tense the next morning.
We also believe in Eastern theories that the human body has more subtle energies than Western medicine accounts for. This life force can be known as chi or prana. If the energy pathways become blocked with tension then a disruption of the flow of chi will occur. Raynor massage therapists follow these pathways feeling for and then removing blockages allowing the energy to release and flow freely.

Raynor Massage origins

Shiatsu, Ayurvedic & Lomi Lomi are just some of the Eastern massages that have influenced Brandon Raynor who evolved these therapies to assist with the single goal of finding & removing all tension from the body.
We also focus on key parts of the body which traditional therapists often neglect including feet, hands head sacrum and hips as we believe these areas are prone to getting blocked and freeing up that stagnation will not just makes these areas feel great but will benefit the whole body.
It is this approach which allowed Raynor Massage to be recognised as one of the most effective and powerful massage therapies available today.
It certainly goes further than what most people have come to expect from a regular massage treatment.
It’s true that Raynor Massage uses principles gained from different established massage cultures, however we trust our own senses to diagnose the needs of each client and are never dictated to by just one particular philosophy.

Raynor Massage and the healing crisis

Great massage for some people, may feel uncomfortable especially if it is a new experience for them. The sudden release of toxins can occasionally make you feel drained. This can often be referred to as the healing crisis.
Raynor Massage recognises the importance of the healing crisis and always emphasises not just that a massage should feel good, but that a massage is therapeutically effective in getting rid of tension. As the healing crisis passes the body often then feels better & generally more relaxed. The origins of ‘relax’ means to return to looseness as ‘Re’ means return to and ‘lax’ is loose. This makes Raynor Massage deeply relaxing.


“Dave is great as he answers all of the questions I have about the technique and can always find the knots and tight muscles with amazing speed. I am certain that Dave and the Raynor Massage technique helped in my muscle recovery after training and racing, leading to better performances at races and ultimately helping me achieve my goal of a sub-ten hour Ironman triathlon.”

The Beginnings of Raynor Massage

As a younger man Brandon travelled extensively, mainly around eastern countries where he plunged himself into the local cultures and traditions. He took a real interest in all the different forms of healing, and in particular the varied approaches to massage therapy. The types of therapies he studied included Shiatsu, Reflexology, Lomi Lomi, Thai and Chinese Massage.

Brandon Raynor never allowed himself to be completely influenced by just one cultural tradition or massage technique. In fact, it was this open-minded approach that allowed him to take the best bits from each method of treatment and combine them with the new techniques that he himself developed. This is how Raynor Massage was conceived.

Always open to new ideas and constantly working on his approach to make it as effective as possible, Brandon has remained consistent in his desire to learn. His continued dedication to explore new ways of locating and releasing the hidden tension being held in someone’s body is what allows Raynor Massage to constantly evolve. A massage that Brandon would perform today would feel entirely different than a massage he did 5 years ago. The one constant throughout has been this dogged dedication to finding the best way of getting rid of all that residual tension.

The Raynor Massage Band Theory

Earlier on we discussed where a person usually holds their tension, mainly the head, hands and feet. These are the anchor points. Well, Brandon also works with something he calls the ‘band theory.’ This is where we track the tension, along the bands that run throughout the body. Brandon Raynor has identified 12 main bands of tension, 6 of which run along the arms into the neck, chest and back. There are another 6 bands of tension that run from the feet along the legs and into the hips, sacrum area, belly and back. Many of the bands originating from the feet will merge into the bands running from the arms.

A Raynor Massage therapist will locate the tension at its source, which is usually one of the anchor points and then start releasing it along the band of tension that it lies along. We often find that to release any area that is being held tightly we have to work above and below the area. This can often involve doing very detailed work along the band that leads to the area of tension.

Deep Tissue therapeutic massage

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Emotional Tension

Brandon Raynor also believes that tension can be held both physically and emotionally. For this reason we have to look at the whole body and in fact, all bodily systems. It is of no use dealing with physical tension if the main issue is long-held tension caused by some particular grief or trauma. We often find that the stomach or belly is where a lot of emotional tension gets stored.

Moving Blocked Energy

In addition to shifting physical tension, we want to look at how the body’s energy is flowing. Tension can often cause the body’s natural energy flow to become stuck or stagnant. When our energy is not flowing freely we simply don’t feel as great as we could. So it’s important to work with the body’s natural energy flow to ensure that is moving as freely as possible.

No Set Routine to Raynor Massage

One thing that sets this treatment apart is that fact that we don’t have a set routine of moves that we follow. We always treat each person as an individual, tailoring a treatment based on where we find his or her tension.

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