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Health Benefits of Lymphatic Drainage Massage

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Lymphatic drainage is a certain type of therapeutic massage technique that can very effectively stimulate the flow of lymph throughout the body, reducing the toxins. This technique involves very gently applied pressure in long, rhythmic strokes.

The body’s lymph system is an integral part of the immune system, assisting in the fight against infection. Lymph is a clear yellowish fluid that transports oxygen and nutrients to cells. Along the way the lymph fluids acquire toxins, which get flushed out via the lymph nodes. There is approximately double the number of lymph vessels in the body as blood vessels.

Unlike your blood system, which has your heart pumping the blood around, your lymph system does not have a pump. What stimulate the flow of lymphatic fluid are muscle movement and the pressure coming from the blood vessels.

Raynor Massage Is Influenced By Eastern Beliefs In Healing and Works Within The Body’s Internal Energy Paths.

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How might a lymphatic drainage massage be helpful?

This type of massage treatment can be very beneficial to your overall health because a healthy flow of lymph is vital to a properly working immune system. Lymphatic drainage massage increases the flow of lymph and drainage around the body, which is healthy for you in many ways.

Lymphatic drainage helps by:

  • Reducing the odds of you coming down with common everyday viruses and colds by helping your body combat infection and accelerating the healing and recovery process when you do become ill.
  • Reducing water retention. Since there is no pump in your lymph system, if you sit in one position for any length of time, the flow of lymph is impaired, which may cause swollen fingers and/or feet.
  • Assists in weight loss since stimulating the lymphatic system will raise your metabolism and that helps the body more effectively burn calories.
  • Lymphoedema can be effectively treated with manual lymphatic drainage.
man giving lymphatic draining massage in Sutton clinic

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Lymphatic drainage massage is used to enhance the texture of skin by:

  • Reducing skin blotches, swelling and puffiness
  • Clearing out your pores so they are clean and healthy
  • Accelerating the healing of wounds, reducing scars and improving the looks of stretch marks.
  • Reduces cellulite by increasing the flow of blood, improving circulation to the areas where it forms and draining the toxins that cause the skin to dimple.

It is important to inform your massage therapist ahead of time if you have or might have a medical condition, are or might be pregnant, on any type of medication, receiving any form of medical treatment, recovering from surgery or have any allergies.

We believe that the source of residual tension can also be directly related to emotions. If we are feeling anxious or stressed for example, it is a normal reaction for the body to tense. When that moment of stress or anxiety has passed, we don’t always 100% relax & the body remains tense. In this state of tightness a normal movement like simply turning your head can then pull on a muscle causing us pain. This pain then stops us getting a great nights sleep leaving us feeling even more grouchy and tense the next morning.

We also believe in Eastern theories that the human body has more subtle energies than Western medicine accounts for. This life force can be known as chi or prana. If the energy pathways become blocked with tension then a disruption of the flow of chi will occur. Raynor massage therapists follow these pathways feeling for and then removing blockages allowing the energy to release and flow freely.

What a lymphatic drainage massage involves and what to expect:

You will benefit most if you allow enough time to simply relax and enjoy the experience as you would with spa treatment. Arrive early enough to remove your clothing and settle in so you’re comfortable. Try not to rush off immediately after your massage.

Your massage will likely take place in a nice warm room since warmth is essential to increasing your lymphatic flow. Also, you will be more relaxed if you’re warm rather than cold and it’s important that you relax. Your lymphatic drainage massage will likely be carried out on a massage table with you beneath towels to preserve your modesty.

Most likely your therapist will start by massaging your feet and work his/her way up from there. Lymphatic drainage massage takes very little pressure so you will feel long rhythmic strokes applied very gently with light pumping motions towards your lymph nodes, which are located in the groin, underarms and neck area.

Do not be surprised if you are left feeling utterly exhausted after having your massage. You will probably feel like lying down, but if that’s impossible try to have as undemanding rest of the day as you can. It would be best if your body could simply ease itself back to normal activity.

You may also find yourself very thirsty after your lymphatic drainage massage. It’s not surprising to see people who usually don’t usually drink much water guzzle water down like there’s no tomorrow.

Helpful hints:

The purpose of lymphatic drainage is to flush the toxins out of your system, but you can do this yourself by drinking lots of water every day.

One of the most important things you can do to help your lymphatic system is to maintain a healthy level of activity. It doesn’t have to be strenuous because even light activity will improve a healthy flow of lymph. When you move your muscles, even slightly, you exert pressure on the vessels in your lymphatic system and that keeps things flowing.

“Dave is great as he answers all of the questions I have about the technique and can always find the knots and tight muscles with amazing speed. I am certain that Dave and the Raynor Massage technique helped in my muscle recovery after training and racing, leading to better performances at races and ultimately helping me achieve my goal of a sub-ten hour Ironman triathlon.”

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