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We understand that massage is a very individual experience and want our clients to be completely at ease with the idea prior to having their first treatment.
If you have never had a massage treatment before it’s natural to have some questions about the techniques involved. With this in mind,  we have answered here, openly and honestly many of the questions that has been asked over the years.
Even if you are experienced in receiving massage there could well be some parts of Raynor Massage that are new to you.
What can I expect to happen on the introductory session?
You will first be asked to complete a short health questionnaire. This will give me an idea of your general health and fitness and details of any current health issues which may be affected by the massage treatment. We can then discuss any particular areas of concern for you that I should focus on to ensure you get the best out of your massage. This initial consultation will last for approximately 10 minutes, which will be counted as part of the one hour introductory session.
What should I wear during the massage?
I will leave the room to give you privacy whilst you get ready. Ladies should undress leaving your pants on but removing your bra to allow me to massage the back area freely. Guys can just undress (leave on your pants/boxers if you prefer). You will then position yourself face down on the massage table which has a face hole for your comfort. Fresh fleece blankets will be available for you to cover yourself with. After a few minutes I will knock on the door to check that you are ready and properly draped before re-entering
Which areas of my body will be massaged?
Raynor Massage is a full body treatment (excluding genital areas) with extra focus on the hands, feet, stomach and head. You will be fully draped throughout the massage using soft fleecy blankets. I will only uncover the area that I am going to be working on, once I have finished with that area I will then recover it. Women should note that the breast area will not be massaged and will remain fully draped throughout the treatment to ensure your comfort and privacy.
Do I need to do anything in preparation for the massage?
Yes, please ensure that all jewellery and hair accessories are removed prior to your treatment.
Will the massage be painful?
I would like to make it clear that this therapeutic massage is not what you would call a ‘fluffy’, treatment. If you have areas of deep-rooted tension, there may well be some discomfort as I work to remove the blockages. I will discuss the levels of pressure that can be used before the treatment begins and will always work within your own personal comfort zone. During the treatment I will regularly check with you that you are comfortable with the pressure being used. It is the initial surface tension that can cause the pain, but the good news is that once this has been dealt with I can then work on a deeper level on subsequent treatments with less discomfort than when we first started. The important thing to focus on is how great you are going to feel afterwards.
Will I notice any changes during the treatment?
As blockages become removed, energy (Chi) that was once stuck will be free to flow around your body again. This can often be felt by a strong tingling sensation usually in the hands, legs or stomach. Although this may feel a little odd, it is nothing to be concerned about and is a great indication that you are responding well to the treatment. We all have emotional tension that is held tight inside us (normally in the stomach) and Raynor massage focuses on helping you get rid of this tension. This can be released in different ways including tears, laughter or anger. If you feel like having a good cry, or giggle or yell – go for it! I am very much used to this reaction and it is fantastic to let it all go.
How will I feel after the treatment?
It is different for everyone. Some people will feel instantly re-energized and lighter directly after the treatment, while others will feel relaxed and quite sleepy. You may well be buzzing all over (some people refer to this as a legal high)!!!! Raynor Massage will release toxins that have been held within your muscles. Drinking several glasses of fresh water after the treatment is necessary to help flush these toxins from your system and alcohol and caffeine should be avoided for the rest of the day.
I'm feeling a bit tender the day after the massage, should I be concerned?
The day after your massage it is possible that you may feel a little tender in areas where you had tightly held tension which I worked deeply into. This is a perfectly normal reaction and nothing at all to worry about. Any feeling of soreness will pass soon. The overall result of releasing the residual tension and the wonderful relief that brings should make up for any mild discomfort.
I’m training for a marathon. What are the benefits of including massage as part of my marathon training?
Those training for marathons frequently suffer from Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness (DOMS). Studies have revealed that with good deep tissue massage, the effects and soreness from DOMS can be reduced by as much as 30%.
For all marathon runners staying in top shape must be a priority, whether you’re just beginning to race or you’re an experienced marathoner. Having regular massage treatments is a must, however Raynor Massage therapy is uses a different approach to any other type of sports massage. It treats the entire body as it works in conjunction with the body’s own healing mechanisms, enhancing circulation and speeding recovery from activity, training or injury.
The key to getting the most out of massage therapy is not to put this off until you have an injury or you’ve run a difficult race or marathon. Massage for marathoners offers the most when done as a routine part of training. With our clinic being based in Sutton, we regularly treat people using massage therapy that are in training for the Virgin London Marathon.

The reasons for this are that massage therapy can:

  • Aids in eliminating lactic acid, which builds up during exercise
  • Allows more blood and oxygen to circulate into your muscles
  • Breaks up any scar tissue that may be building up in your muscles
  • Improves muscle flexibility and range of motion, which results in more power and improved performance
  • Increases the flow of lymphatic fluid, which helps the healing process
  • Loosens contracted muscles, which occurs with repeated use
  • Maximizes the amount of nutrients throughout the body by increasing blood flow
  • Reduces the risk of injury, through deep tissue massage, stretching, and proper race preparation
  • Shortens the recovery time after training or workouts.
I would like to try this treatment. However, due to religious or cultural reasons I'm not comfortable with disrobing for the massage. What do you suggest?
In this situation, I can do a form of Raynor Massage that is still effective through loose clothing. If you let me know in advance, I can give you more details on what to wear and how this can work.
I'm a guy that worries I might get aroused during the massage...

Ok gentlemen, I thought I would address this one as I know many fellas get stressed about it. In fact, I know some men avoid massage therapy completely because they worry that this. Or they do go ahead and get the massage, but can’t relax because they fear they might get an erection. Trust me guys, this is not something you should worry about at all. Let me put your mind at rest….

Yes, sometimes guys get aroused during a non-sexual, therapeutic massage (regardless of whether it’s a male or female therapist). Any kind of touch to the body can activate the parasympathetic nervous system and cause this to happen. However, please rest assured that not only will you be wearing your underwear, this area will be draped and covered with a blanket or towel throughout the massage so any ‘developments’ will be well hidden. But I guess the main point is that regardless, we just don’t care. Not one little bit. We will be too focussed on getting rid of your tension and making you feel better to even notice and there is no reason at all for you to feel embarrassed or stress about this. We certainly won’t be!

I would feel more confortable if I could bring along a friend to sit in with me during my treatment. Would this be ok?
Yes, of course! I can set up a chair in the treatment room for your friend. I just ask though that your companion only observes and not chats with you so that I can concentrate 100% on your treatment.

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