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In Sutton & Hastings

Have you been looking for an effective deep tissue massage but never found one that hits all the right spots? Raynor Massage is an astounding therapy with one single goal, which is simply to find and remove tension from the body. This is not some kind of ‘fluffy’ massage but works with precision and the appropriate depth to get astounding results.

With massage clinics in both Sutton, Surrey and Hastings, East Sussex this stress-busting massage treatment has helped thousands of clients with conditions such as sore neck, back pain, sciatica and trapped nerves.

Deep Tissue Therapeutic Massage

in Sutton & Hastings
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Introductory Offer For New Clients – 1 hour

1 hour / £45 

This session is for new clients and is a great, cost-effective way to experience Raynor Massage. The session lasts for one hour and includes completion and analysis of a Health questionnaire with a consultation to explain your individual needs and explain further the Raynor Massage process. Usually this will be around 15 minutes consultation and 45 minutes of massage treatment but can vary depending on the clients circumstances.
Introductory Offer For New Clients – 2 hours

2 hour / £110

This would be as described above but would last for 2 hours. This really is the perfect, value for money introduction to Raynor Massage. It includes the consultation process and allows the therapist more time to diagnose issues and find and remove your tension.
Raynor Massage – Returning Client – 1 hour
1 hour / £65
This is for return clients that have had the Introductory Session and are looking for further treatment.
It is also ideal for those who have gone through the excavation process and are looking for a top-up!
Raynor Massage Excavation Session – Returning client – 2 hours
2 hour / £120
This is the complete Raynor Massage treatment and allows more time to get to the root of the tension. It’s also the treatment to book if you feel that you need the time and space needed to release emotionally.
Reflexology foot massage – 1 hour with cristian
hour / £65
This powerful treatment is available in the Sutton clinic with therapist Cristian Stanis. Working along pressure points in the feet (and sometimes hands) that theoretically connect to other parts of the body through energy channels. This deep work is said to stimulate whole body healing which can have a profound effect on feelings of well-being.
Lymphatic Drainage Massage – 1 Hour With Cristian
hour / £65
This treatment is available in the Sutton clinic with Cristian Stanis. Lymphatic Drainage Massage uses long strokes with the purpose of stimulating the flow of lymph and clearing toxins from the body.
hour / £75 / hour / £130
This treatment is available in the Sutton clinic with Cristian Stanis. It combined Raynor Massage with Medical Acupuncture. Acupuncture is recommended by the NHS as a suitable treatment for different conditions. It’s mainly used to help relieve pain and also reduce tension in the body.

Raynor Massage Is Influenced By Eastern Beliefs In Healing and Works Within The Body’s Internal Energy Paths.

Removing stubborn blockages can leave clients feeling relaxed yet bursting with energy. Why not arrange a consultation
now in our Sutton or Hastings clinic and start the journey to feeling fantastic!

Deep Tissue therapeutic massage

sutton and hastings

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